small things to do that make your mind feel clearer

  • close all your internet tabs except the one you’re using
  • delete all your text messages
  • delete negative people from social networks
  • throw some things away. just throw them away
  • tidy your desk. make a blank surface
  • drink 3 glasses of water
  • open the curtains
  • wash your face and brush your teeth

get to know me meme: [6/5] favorite movies » titanic

↳ I believe you may get your headlines, Mr. Ismay.

TITLE: unknownGlass In The Park
ARTIST: unknown artistAlex Turner
ALBUM: unknown album
PLAYED: 19423 times

When you say that you need me tonight

I can’t keep my feelings in disguise

in the mourning i’ll r i s e

and the landslide brought me d o w n

common misconceptions about arctic monkeys and their songs



  • arctic not artic
  • brianstorm not brainstorm
  • shalalala not shalala
  • arctic monkeys not the arctic monkeys
  • summat not something
  • settee not city
  • reckless serenade not rackless serenade
  • fluorescent adolescent not fluorescent adolescense
  • jamie cook not james or jaime
  • alex is far from a douche
  • they have more than one album

This is perfect


I have a ‘to-read’ pile as massive as my existential crisis.

For anyone visiting London: the essential pilgrimage stops.